Live Bold. Live Brite.

Barely surviving? So close to thriving? You’re not the only one.

The BriteVibe community will give you the skills and support to make powerful, purposeful changes in your life. 

Join thousands of kindred spirits, all seeking the path to a bolder, brighter life. 

Discover your true purpose and begin to live a happier life.

Surround yourself with positivity and expert guidance

Connect with supportive people on the same journey

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The Big Picture

Building a happy life can seem overwhelming! Many people spend more time being stuck, confused, or frustrated than actually making progress.

The truth is, there is no singular solution to having a happier life.

At BriteVibe, we decided to find and connect you to the top “happiness” experts that can help guide you to a happier, healthier life. 

Download the App to join the BriteVibe community and start your growth today.

In the BriteVibe community, you will be able to share your journey and support others, through thought-provoking discussions. You can set your own goals and receive encouragement and stories from members who have gone through similar struggles.

Our leading experts have overwhelmed us with positivity and knowledge. Engage with them in detailed Courses, Q&A sessions, and enlightening presentations at our Live Events.

Now, BriteVibe has a platform full of solutions and wellness experts, ready to provide a holistic approach to transforming your life.

And there are thousands of people that had the same questions as you, waiting to help you walk the same path. 

What Does the BriteVibe Community Do?

The members and experts in the BriteVibe community are interested in every part of a holistic, happy life.
Maybe you’ve been trying to:

  • Have more energy and clarity
  • Manage your mental health
  • Develop healthier habits and discipline
  • Grow spiritually and understand the world
  • Improve your relationships with others and with yourself

Being around happy people is the quickest way to be happier. That’s why BriteVibe built our community!

The BriteVibe Community will connect you with:

  • Courses and Content from Experts
  • Live Events and Virtual Events
  • Inspirational and Thought-Provoking Weekly Podcasts
  • Accountability Groups for Your Goals
  • Supportive Discussions with People Like You
  • Brite Vibes Only (No Pessimists Allowed)

Download the App to see for yourself!

How Do I Fit Into the BriteVibe Community?

As soon as you join, you will be given the big picture for holistic personal growth and the pieces to build a Brite Life.

Here’s how to start vibing with us:

  • Download the BriteVibe app.
  • Set your personal goals, to receive curated content and courses
  • Discover groups for your stage of growth, to meet people with shared experiences
  • Put new ideas into practice, share your growth with friends and family, and begin to Live Brite

Download the App to join the BriteVibe community and start your growth today.

It’s That Simple?

Yep. BriteVibe is a free community, designed to help as many people as possible.

This is what they get in BriteVibe App - FREE

  • Free Access to the Virtual Global Happiness Summit
  • Free Access to all future summits by BriteVibe
  • Access to view community LIVE conversations with leading experts
  • Daily BriteVibe Inspiration Receive daily, focused inspiration through text, email and app
  • A supportive global community to motivate, inspire and support your growth!
  • Access on desktop, iPhone or Android

(I’m thinking we leave the paid options out – this will be mentioned once they download the app through marketing not before.)

That said, thriving members of the community may choose to engage in one of our advanced growth offerings:

  • Whenever you’re ready, one of the growth subscription tiers can guide you through growth with premium courses, podcasts, self-development tools, and expert support.
  • You may also choose to attend one of our Live Events or stream them from your favorite spot to think. (Like the upcoming Global Summit in July 2022!)
  • Achieved self-mastery and want to give back? Have you survived a struggle that needs more community awareness? 

Apply to become a speaker at a BriteVibe event!

We still have a few surprises up our sleeve.

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